Vintage Persian Rug,Originated from Ardabil,Geometric Design~1990


This is a Mahi design Persian carpet woven in the Ardabil northern Iran about 30 years ago. It’s handmade, so each knot on it has been knotted by hand on a traditional Persian carpet-weaving loom and there are over 180.000 knots on each square meter of this rug! So,Weaving such a hand-knotted rug with the hand may take even an entire year for Persian carpet artists. It also made of natural cotton and wool yarns and dyes which make it more worthwhile.


This is a 2×3 meter handmade Persian carpet knotted it in Ardabil at least 30 years ago. Ardabili carpets are famous for their elegance, lightness, and unique design. The Ardabil carpets design mostly comprises geometric motifs that look like fishes, so they call it Mahi, which means fish in the Persian language. Besides, the underlying color of this rug is a shade of light salmon color. Also, the dyes used in the borders are mostly brown and yellow.

There are almost 180.000 knots on each square meter of this 2×3 meter carpet which has a 282-cm length and 198-cm wide. Also, They have made the warp and woof of this rug from natural cotton, which gave the carpet a higher level of durability. Also, the wool used in the knots and pile is very soft and thin.

  • No allergenic natural colors
  • Natural color
  • Made of best quality soft wool
  • Heigh density of knots

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Brown, Pink




Handmade (Knotted by hand))


Approx 30 years

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