Terms and conditions

(Retail Purchace Agreement)

Making a purchase from the website and completing the payment means completely reading and accepting all the rules and conditions of the current page. After placing an order, the purchase agreement is reached when your payment has been transferred.

Authenticity certificates

We guarantee that the supplied carpet is authentic and hand-knotted and matches the description or picture on the CarpetShip.com website.


Prices are NOT inclusive of VAT and shipping. However, the free delivery service for all carpets to the destination country’s international airport of the customer’s choice is provided for free to all retail customers (more information is provided on this page in the delivery policy sections). We reserve the right to change our prices due to changes in the global rug market.

Shipping Policy

We will send your ordered carpets after the payment is completed and we receive the payment receipt and confirm it.

Delivery Policy

  • Free Delivery Policy

    • Free shipping will only include sending to one of the international airports of the destination country.
    • Airport delivery has insurance. If you need more insurance you can request and based upon requests, we will perform your additonal insurances at your own costs.
    • The ordered carpets will be shipped free of charge to the airport of your choice in the destination country. 
    • As the customer, you will be responsible for any import taxes, duties, or other charges that apply upon receiving your rug(s). These fees are determined by your local customs authority and are beyond our control.
    • You can contact us if you have any questions or need more information. We help you to order and receive the desired carpet in the most convenient way possible. Contact Us
  • Delivery to Customers Doors Policy

    • Our free worldwide shipping includes delivering the carpets to the destination airport.
    • Sending carpets to customers’ doors to the destination of Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman will be free.
    • For other destinations, If you need to have the desired carpet delivered to your door, you can use international post services like DHL or T.N.T Express Service at your own cost. Due to the variety of shipping costs and import/export taxes and duties worldwide, the cost of this shipment will vary according to the destination. Our experts will help you to find the best and cheapest method according to the weight and dimensions of the desired carpet. Also, you can contact us if you have any questions or need more information. We help you to order and receive the chosen carpet in the most convenient way possible.
    • Please note that the recipient’s address will be required to determine the shipping cost. Apart from the postal code address, remember the physical street address.
    • At the customer’s request, if you need insurance, we will provide you with possible insurance choices and announce the costs. You can choose from the listed insurances at your own expense (obviously, the delivery service will add the insurance cost to the shipping cost).
    • After the selected postal service sends the rug(s), we will email you the shipping receipt and waybill number. Also, you can see the shipping waybill number on the order-tracking page (to access the order-tracking page, you only need the order number and the email with which you ordered ). Finally, you can use the waybill number on the desired postal service website to track your order.

Carpet Return Policy

(Our duties and customers duties)

  • We believe in our carpets, but also we know that buying rugs online may be difficult for some people. So we build CarpetShip to simplify the process of buying authentic hand-knotted Persian rugs online. Respectfully, we cannot guarantee that you will love your delivered rug, but to acquire your trust and loyalty, we guarantee your money back if you don’t like your ordered carpets. So to ease your decision-making process and gain your trust, we provide a 3 days money-back guarantee from the day you receive your order.
  • Once you receive the package, if you observe any damage in the packaging, you must act on it; also, you should report it immediately and make a complaint to the shipping company. Also, if there are any defects in the packaging, be careful before signing and receiving it and take action through the waybill to the relevant shipping company.

    If you need to return the carpet, our company will provide you with the most appropriate and economical way to return it. And if you don’t ask for a return within three days, this will be the final sale, and we will consider the sale process completed.

  • Please consider the following notes when returning a carpet:
    • While performing the return process, all the costs of returning the carpet are at the customer’s expense. Depending on your country’s law, this cost can include taxes, duties,  clearance, etc. Also, the customer is responsible for the health of the carpet.
    • Exceptionally, if the received carpet is defective and does not match the pictures on the site, all the costs of returning the rug will be borne by us. If this case happens, the customer must inform us within three days. Also, the customer is responsible for taking an image and video of the defective or mismatched carpet and sending them both on WhatsApp and email (please visit the Contact Us page) to us. After confirming the defect or mismatch, we will start the return process.
    • To return rugs in pairs, all rugs that were ordered in pairs must be returned as pairs.
    • To return the carpets, you must not use them. They must be returned in a completely healthy condition as at the time of delivery, and just as shown on the website image. Any damage and problems to the carpet or its packaging, such as holes, tears, wetness, stains, water spots, and color mixing, are the responsibility of the person returning the goods, and we cannot accept them.
    • As soon as we receive the returned carpet, we will send a confirmation of receiving the rug to your email. Then the returned carpet will be re-examined by our experts, and we will notify you of the result of the carpet health check via email. After confirming the successful health check of that carpet, we will ask you for the account number to deposit the amount for the carpet. And finally, we will send the money deposit receipt to your email.

B2B orders

  • Please remember that all the policies mentioned above will only apply to exclusive customers and consumers, not designers, carpet sellers, wholesalers, or auctions.
  • All orders placed with us by any company will be considered as a B2B order. For these orders there can be exceptions in regard to returns, shipping fees and general terms and conditions. For these occasions a separate contract will be provided by us to be signed and agreed on by the two parties. If you have any questions in regard to this, you can contact us.

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa and Mastercard in USD

We are pleased to inform you that we accept Visa and Mastercard payments in USD. Enjoy the convenience of using your credit card for secure transactions on our platform.

Bank transfer

If you don’t like to use a credit card, you can transfer the money directly to our bank account or use other types of payments. You must pay the complete amount in 5 days, or we will discard your order. Always state your order number when paying. We will send your carpets as soon as your payment is received.


We accept payments via PayPal in EUR, USD, and AED. You can pay using your PayPal balance or via credit card, if you need to pay with PayPal just inform us to enable the option for you.

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