Terms and conditions


When placing an order, the agreement of purchase is reached when your payment has been transferred.


Prices are NOT inclusive of VAT and shipping (see information further down on this page). We reserve the right to change our prices due to changes in exchange rates or changes in the world rug market.


We are unable to ship to box addresses.

Deliveries maybe handled by any delivery services according to the source, destination and other conditions.

Deliveries may be delayed according to COVID-19 conditions.

You will have to bear all applicable shipping and customs costs involved. This means that we will process your order and pack your carpet(s) so they are ready for pick-up at our warehouse by your freight transporter. Please note that orders may only be picked up once full payment has been received.

Authenticity certificates

We guarantee that the supplied carpet is authentic and hand-knotted and matches the description or picture on the CarpetShip.com website.


We can not return the sold carpet except in special circumstances, if we agree to return, you may be charged for shipping and customs fees, etc.

B2B orders

All orders placed with us by any company will be considered as a B2B order. For these orders there can be exceptions in regard to returns, shipping fees and general terms and conditions. For these occasions a separate contract will be provided by us to be signed and agreed on by the two parties. If you have any questions in regard to this, you can contact us.

Bank transfer

If you don’t like to use a credit card you can transfer the money direct to our bank account or use other types of payments. You have to pay the complete amount in 5 days or you order will be discarded. Always state your order number when paying. We will send your carpets as soon as your payment is received.


We accept payments via PayPal in EUR, USD, AED. You can pay using your PayPal balance or via credit card. However, there is a restriction on paying for goods produced in Iran using PayPal. If you shopping cart contain such products the PayPal payment option is removed. For more information visit www.PayPal.com.