Persian Ardabil Rug ~1960, Geometric Design


Carpet Specifications

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Genuine Persian

Size (cm):

282 x 173

Size (ft):

5 x 9



Rug Type:

Persian rug


Geometric Motifs Ghoba



Woven on:

~ 1960


DR- 400


One of A Kind


Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
Persian Ardabil Rug ~1960, Geometric Design
Persian Ardabil Rug ~1960, Geometric Design


One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

This luxury Persian handmade Rug is approximately 60 years old and it is an antique masterpiece. The Ardabil carpet that is woven between tribes and nomads, a super durable rug of Ardabil <northern western Persia>.The variety & different geometric motifs has made a powerful design that it is inspired by Caucasian patterns such as Shirvan, Qarabagh and Ganjeh, later these vintage Persian rugs became a popular and pleasant product of collectors & decoration designers. Not only the weaving stage but also all the production stages of this Ardabil rug  including spinning and dying, were done by artistic women, a magnificent Persian rug .The Ardabil carpet have been made colors out of natural and organic materials and this handmade Persian carpet is a non-allergic rug.







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