Tribal Persian Rug , Originated from Lori, Geometric Design ~1990


This is a 30-year-old nomadic hand-woven rug woven by Lori tribal women in nomadic tents. The design of this carpet is called Kheshti Lori which is consists of motifs of ancient bronze objects made in Lorestan.

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    Nomadic rugs

    Nomadic rugs are woven without a pattern and mentally inspired by the surrounding nature, customs and traditions and symbols that are valuable to the nomads. These carpets are usually woven by nomadic women in nomadic tents. Nomadic women work in the production of dairy products, textiles, Kilims, Gabbehs and carpets, in addition to caring for families and children. They also weave the tents in which they live. Nomadic handmade carpets are highly regarded due to their connection with the ancient culture of weavers, their unique originality and designs, and their rarity.

    Lori Nomadic Rugs

    Lori nomadic rugs, despite their simplicity in texture and design, have attracted the attention of architects, decorators, collectors and those interested in handmade carpets. Lori nomadic rugs are often woven thickly and designs are often created using geometric shapes. The wrap and weft in Lori nomadic rugs are a mixture of sheep and goat wool wile knots are of Persian or Turkish style according to the weaving traditions of each tribe. They use natural colors to dye wool and reddish brown, crimson, indigo, beige and cream colors are mostly used in Lori carpet collection. Today, nomadic carpets, especially in Lorestan, are rarely woven, which has made these original Iranian handmade carpets rare and more valuable.

    About this Lori Nomadic Rug

    This nomadic handmade rug in Khorramabad region of Lorestan has been woven by hard working Lori women in nomadic tents. This thick and unique carpet was woven with sheep wool more than 30 years ago in the dimensions of 133 by 212 cm and with a density of 160,000 knots per square meter.

    The design of this rug is called Lori Kheshti, and Lorestan bronze motifs are woven inside and outside the squares (Kheshts). Lorestan is known as the Bronze Land and is famous all over the world for its ancient bronze works of art and tools. Bronze is the oldest man-made alloy. The bronze tools and sculptures discovered in Lorestan are a testament to the artistry, mastery and rich taste of their creators. In the Louvre Museum in France, a hall is dedicated only to Lorestan bronzes, and the museums of Chicago, Philadelphia and the Metropolitan are also hosting these works. The bronze motifs in this carpet show the 6000 years ancient history of the use of bronze among the Lor tribes.


    • No allergenic
    • Natural color
    • Made of best quality natural materials like wool and cotton
    • Unique design

    A 30-years-old Handmade Tribal Lori Carpet for sale is for sale.  Order now this Persian rug from our online store.

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    Handmade (Knotted by hand))


    Approx 30 years

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