Persian Bakhtiari Rug ~1970, Geometric Design


Carpet Specifications

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Genuine Persian

Size (cm):

321 x 214

Size (ft):

7 x 10


Wool, Cotton

Rug Type:

Persian rug





Woven on:

~ 1970


Good Condition


DR- 382


One of A Kind


Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
Persian Bakhtiari Rug ~1970, Geometric Design
Persian Bakhtiari Rug ~1970, Geometric Design


One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

This Bakhtiar rug is weaved by Bakhtiari nomads about 50 years ago. The main color of this Vintage persian rug is Laki (Red Carmine), which is a dark red color. Bakhtiari carpet weavers extract dye used in the persian carpet from natural elements like plants and insects. natural dyes don’t cause of allergic reactions.
We know Bakhtiari handmade carpets for their unique designs, Kheshti motifs, color variety, and high durability. The pattern is full of motifs in a combination of geometric shapes and garden design called Kheshti. In Kheshti design the carpet divides into squares with plants and animals that symbolize the Persian garden. This Vintage Persian rug is a colorfulness authentic Bakhtiari rug with elegant knots and a complicated pattern. Its density is 160.000 knots/square meters and its warp and woof are from cotton, which makes it a durable and strong Vintage Persian Rug.
No allergenic
Natural color
Made of best quality natural materials like wool and cotton
Unique design
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