Antique Persian Rug, Originated from Zabol, Tribal Rug ~1960


A Sistani carpet woven in Zabul with a unique and special design that is rarely seen. This rug creates a high value for long-term investment and is a cultural monument.

We appreciate and respect your interest in culture and art especially in Persian Carpets in advance.

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    Sistan rugs are an important part of the treasure of Persian art. These works are seldom seen and have only been woven for a short time and forgotten. These carpets contain a lot of information about the way of life of the people of Sistan and their worldview.  This is a 60 years old Sistan rug woven in Zabol a city in the south east of Persia. The rug has a rare tribal design called Poorandokht or Irandokht (girl of Iran). The pattern consists of eight Sistani girls in traditional clothes with two horses. The background color is dark blue and all dyes are fully natural and organic.

    There are approximately 220.000 knots in each square of this hand-knotted rug. It has 231 cm length and 143 cm wide. and the pile and warp and weft are from wool.

    • No allergenic natural colors
    • Natural color
    • Made of best quality Tabriz wool
    • Heigh density of knots

    A 60 years old Sistan rug woven in Zabol. This rug is for sale online in Carpetship online store with the high quality hand-knotted rug.

    Additional information


    Dark Blue


    231×143 cm


    Handmade (Knotted by hand))


    Approx 60 years

    Carpet ID


    Knot density

    Matreial group


    Carpet Pattern

    Carpet Pile

    Carpet Warp



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