Persian Tribal Luri Rug ~1968, Khorramabad


Carpet Specifications

Additional information


Blue (Indigo)


Genuine Persian

Size (cm):

209 x 130

Size (ft):

4 x 6


Wool, Cotton

Rug Type:



Nomadic Lori




Good Condition

Woven on:

~ 1968


DR- 507


One of A Kind


Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
Persian Tribal Luri Rug ~1968, Khorramabad
Persian Tribal Luri Rug ~1968, Khorramabad


One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

  This tribal Persian rug more 50 years old had dated and is weaved in the ground. The size is 209cm length and the width is 130cm.
Luri rug is woven entirely with local wool and natural color and has a high quality of raw material and dyes, which in the past was popular in the Khorramabad region. Simple living is the main feature of Lori weavers of nomadic tribal life & their life is a manifestation of human nature. One of the traditional rugs of Lorestan is the balloon pattern, which is less common in other areas. It is believed that the design and shape of the balloon rugs were inspired by the flight of an airplane. The text of the tribal Persian rug is covered with scattered flowers in the form of ovals, circles and polygons that it is common for women to weave this nomadic carpet. Only women weave nomadic carpets, carpet weaving is privileged for women and girls in Lor, they have more suitors and get married sooner therefore at this wedding, one of the good hand-woven nomadic carpets was placed on the horse so that everyone could see it. This tribal Persian rug, more than 50 years old, has dated and is weaved in the ground. The size is 209cm in length and the width is 130cm.
Specialized Washing and Repairing before to Export for customer:
 1- First of all, this Nomadic Persian Carpet had specialized washing and removed its impurities completely.
2-Service <Repair> will increase the life of this Vintage Persian rug and restore its beauty and refurbishing the hand made Persian carpet, it is revived and its minor defects is eliminated, to perform these metals so that you have full.
3-Before Packing and Export Final checking without any damage, it looks like Healthy
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