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Persian Senneh Rug ~1989, Geometric Design

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Carpet Specifications

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Genuine Persian

Size (centimetre)

162cm x 134cm

Size (feet,inch)

5' 3.78" x 4' 4.76"


Wool, Cotton

Rug Type

Rug Type


Mahe Design


Senneh rugs





Woven On (approximately)


One of A Kind

Persian Senneh Rug ~1989, Geometric Design
Persian Senneh Rug ~1989, Geometric Design

One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

This is a 30-year-old authentic Senneh rug. Originally, its from the west part of Iran called Kurdistan. The shape of the rug is a square- rectangular shape and full of various colors such as Candy, lipstick and sky blue which are completely derived from natural elements. The pattern of the rug is called “Mahi” which means fish. There are four different color fish inside each other at the center of the rug and the rest of the rug is designed by smaller fishes. The border side of this rug has a pattern consisting of flowers and leaves which gives a unique frame to the pattern.
This rug is available in a size of 162 cm high and 134 cm wide. The pile of this beautiful Senneh rug is made out of natural wool and the warp and weft of is made of natural cotton. The knots in pile are very tightly so the rug has a strong texture. Since this rug is made out of natural material, it’s allergic free. This authentic and pretty rug can be a great choice for any room.
No allergenic
Natural color
Made of best quality natural materials like wool and cotton
Unique design
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