Vintage Persian Rug, Originated From Kashan, Plain – Design ~ 1960


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     Kashan rug ( Keshan rug ) is a type of Persian rug.

    This old Persian Kashan rug was woven about 60 years ago. A great master named Mr. Alaqmand was a  skilled weaver in Kashan. He had been weaving carpets for about 20 years between ( 1960 till 1980 ). A rare Antique Kashan rug in perfect condition. Such rugs are used solely for decorative purposes but can be part of an antique rug collection , as well.

    Lets know more about this amazing Kashan carpet (355cm x 255cm):

    The Kashan Persian rug Turquoise contain the message:

    • Very suitable for work rooms.
    • For environments that need concentration.
    • Make it your place larger.
    • The light blue antique Persian rug with a gray or beige wall create a stylish arrangement decoration.

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    Dimensions 355 × 255 cm
    SKU: DR-514
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