Vintage Persian Rug, Originated From Kashan, Geometric Design ~ 1965


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    Kashan rug (Keshan rug) is a type of Persian rug. The Persian design rug is symbolic of a poplar tree, a pomegranate flower (full of charm, friendly & miraculous). The old Persian Kashan rug used high quality raw material, colors, and fine texture to increase the quality. Such rugs are used solely for decorative purposes but can be part of an antique rug collection, as well.

    Read more about the amazing Kashan Persian rug (219cm x 143cm).

    The Old Persian rug, Geometric design contain the message:

    • The gardens of the Persian campus.
    • The pomegranate flowers are symbolic happiness in Oriental & Persian rugs.
    • One of the beautiful & decorative motifs.
    • Use for luxurious & comfortable places, it has a positive effect.

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    Dimensions 219 × 143 cm
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