Vintage Persian Rug, Originated from Joshaqan, Geometric Design ~1970


This is a large and elegant hand-knotted rug that has a unique design with a pattern full of beautiful wildflowers and geometric shapes. this beautiful Persian rug makes your home more relaxing. Moreover, This blue rug with motifs inspired by wildflowers in the nature makes your room a luxurious source of positive energy.

We appreciate and respect your interest in culture and art especially in Persian Carpets in advance.

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    This beautiful Persian rug is woven by the rural weavers more than 50 years ago in Joschaghan. The weavers have knotted this elegant hand-knotted rug with Persian knots. They have extracted the blue color used in the rug from flowers of the indigo plant. The dyes are totally natural and don’t cause any allergic reactions. Also, the motifs and dyes are fully stable and never change or fade out for a long time.

    Generally, joschaghan hand-knotted carpets are worthy because of their high quality, different patterns and limited production. So, purchase of this rug is a good investment. The design of this 3x4m rug is consists of a rhombus shape bergamot in the center, geometric shapes, and pretty wild flowers.  The exact size of the rug is 303×396 cm. The knots’ density of this rug is 350.000 knots per square meter. Also, Its warp and woof are from cotton which make it very strong.

    • No allergenic
    • Natural color
    • Made of best quality natural materials like wool and cotton
    • Unique design

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    Handmade (Knotted by hand))


    Approx 50 years

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