Antique Tribal Persian Rug, Originated From Lori (Khorramabad) ~ 1918


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    98 years old Lori antique rugs are a unique and important work in the world of antique and antique and antique tribal rugs. Lorestan nomadic rugs are generally woven by Lorestan artist rug women weavers in the mountainous region of Zagros in western Persia. Bright and invigorating light shades of these beautiful baked and jeweled colors give dazzling effects to the original and mesmerizing designs of the hand woven tribal Persian rugs. It shows some of the purest of tribal rug weaving in Persia.

    Lori tribal Persian rug weavers use their imagination freely and embroider patterns, designs, symbols from the nomadic lifestyle on the rug.

    Women weaved this nomadic carpet with geometric shapes that told us , the nomadic community is in a group balance.

    Approximately 98 years ago, this work of art was created mentally and its date is specified in the text of this Antique tribal Persian rug.

    The texture of Lorestan tribal rug is exclusive to women artists in Lorestan, and men only help in wool-picking and sometimes collecting and preparing the necessary materials for dyeing. Lors nomadic people did not abandon their long tradition and remain a well – known plant dye and used their custom. This nomadic carpet naturally dyed wool, the density of knot is one of the most finest in the tribal Persian rugs. The size is 237cm length and the width is 131cm.

    Specialized Washing and Repairing before to Export for customer:


    1- First of all, this Nomadic Persian carpet had specialized washing and removed its impurities completely.

    2-Service <Repair> will increase the life of this antique  Persian rug and restore its beauty and refurbishing the hand made Persian carpet, it is revived and its minor defects is eliminated, to perform these metals so that you have full.

    3-Before Packing and Export Final checking without any damage, it looks like Healthy

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