Vintage Persian Rug, Originated from Tabriz, Victoria Design ~1970


Carpet Specifications

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Genuine Persian

Size (centimetre)

288cm x 205cm

Size (feet,inch)

9' 5.39" x 6' 8.71"


Wool, Cotton

Rug Type

Carpet type


Victoria Design


tabriz rug





Woven On (approximately)



One of A Kind

Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
One of A Kind


Vintage Persian Rug, Originated from Tabriz, Victoria Design ~1970
Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓

Details & Story Of This Carpet

By Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

50 Years Old, Originated From, Tabriz rug 6×9 (Ft) .
Tabriz Carpet is one of the most beautiful Persian Carpets in the World and one of the most expensive carpets. The most important handicrafts in Tabriz is carpet weaving and it is world famous in this Field. The art of carpet weaving has lasted for generations and is considered a valuable heir.  The Creation of this Art Work is very rare and Perhaps it can be boldly said that the motels of some designs are no longer repetitive, Coloring in which colors have a high contrast with each other and has been common in most Original designs of the Past.
Actually, it is one of a twin Persian carpets (DR-406-DR-407) which have a unique design. The main background colors of this Persian Tabriz Rug are dark blue, red and white.  They extract these dyes from natural elements like the indigo plant. َ
The Persian Pattern and motifs are unique with a combination of traditional buildings and garden motifs called Doornama design. Its density is 200.000 knots/square meters and its warp and woof are from cotton. Also, The pile and knots are from the best Tabriz wool which makes it a durable and strong Persian rugs.
Specialized Washing and Repairing before to Export for customer:
1- First of all, this Persian carpet had specialized washing and removed its impurities completely.
2-Service <Repair> will increase the life of this Vintage Persian rug and restore its beauty and refurbishing the hand made Tabriz Persian  carpet, it is revived and its minor defects is eliminated, to perform these metals so that you have full.
3-Before Packing and Export Final checking without any damage, it looks like Healthy.
No allergenic natural colors
Natural color
Made of best quality Tabriz wool
Heigh density of knots
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