Vintage Persian Ardabil Rug, Geometric Design ~1980

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Genuine Persian

Size (centimetre)

185cm x 140cm

Size (feet,inch)

6' 0.83" x 4' 7.12"


Wool, Cotton

Rug Type

Area Rug


Mahe (Fish by Fish)


Ardabil Rug





Woven On (approximately)


$ 844

One of A Kind

Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
One of A Kind

$ 844

Vintage Persian Ardabil Rug, Geometric Design ~1980
Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓

Details & Story Of This Carpet

By Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

This is a handmade Persian rug knotted it in Ardabil city more than 40 years ago. Ardabil rugs are famous for unique design. This Ardabil rug has mostly cream and ocher colors in the background.

There are almost 250.000 knots on each square meter of this small Persian rug. Also, It has a 185-cm length and 140-cm wide. They have made  wool of this Ardabil rug from  traditional loom.

Besides, the wool used in the pile is very soft and thin. Carpet weaving has a long history in Ardabil that the structure of this vintage Persian rug is mostly known for its color stability, design and long life.

Along with various design of carpet index in Ardabil,*the Rize Mahe* The design is known as the most significant of them and expresses the noble design and the highest level in hand-woven carpets that wealthy individual and high-income families can prepare.

Color in this vintage Persian rug is brighter and more vivid geographical distribution weaver in this area are also women and girls. This small vintage Persian rug is the most ideal option to complete this decoration it should be noted that this vintage Persian rug can be the main element and the founder of a luxurious and comfortable space.

Professional interior designers believe that a good Persian carpet can move the entire center of gravity of a room. This suitable vintage Persian rug can be considered as a device that gives harmony and integration of color, design and role to the space and creates a new feeling and a suitable personality for the space in which it is placed.

Places where the family spends most of their time are a great space for this vintage Persian rug to give more comfort to the space in which they are placed. This cream vintage Persian rug created a wonderful combination with almost all colors therefore it is suitable for any decoration.

It is well used for modern, minimalist style decorations as well as Traditional far East decoration style, in all these styles, creates a unique harmony with wood. This light color Persian rug reflects the whole space and makes the rooms look wider. The texture of this Persian rug is made of wool and linen.

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