Persian Tribal Lori Rug ~1979, Geometric Design


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Genuine Persian

Size (cm):

213 x 138

Size (ft):

4 x 6


Wool, Cotton

Rug Type:

Persian rug


Nomadic Geometric



Woven on:

~ 1979


Good Condition


DR- 498


One of A Kind


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Persian Tribal Lori Rug ~1979, Geometric Design
Persian Tribal Lori Rug ~1979, Geometric Design


One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

Lori Carpets
Lor is an Iranian ethnic group living in the west and southwest of Iran. Lori carpet in Lorestan has its roots in the vast history and civilization of the people of this land. Traditions among the Lors are reminiscent of the history of their weaving, for example, they use small wooden tools called Sok to weave carpets, which are the mother of metal tools in the Bronze Age and belong to the period when all tools were wooden, ie before Discovery of metal. These are evidence of Lori carpet antiquity and can help to identify its ancient and independent traditions in techniques, raw materials, tools, and even designs. Lori carpet weaving was forgotten, but in the last few years, steps have been taken to keep it alive and to develop it.
All consumables in Lori carpets have been produced in the Lorestan region so that Lori carpets can be considered as an all-local and indigenous carpet specific to the Lorneshin region of Iran. The warp and weft, dye, and even wood used for Lori carpet-weaving loom belong to this region.
Nomadic carpets
Migration is the oldest human way of life, and its persistence to the present day is very attractive. Every year, thousands of tourists from all over the world travel to Lorestan to watch the nomadic lifestyle. Lor nomads live in tents. They make a living mainly from animal husbandry and migrate to cold regions in hot seasons and to tropical regions in cold seasons to reach new pastures. Nomads usually produce all the necessities of life for themselves. One of the most famous products of nomads is handmade carpets that are produced in tents and on horizontal wooden looms. Nomadic women weave beautiful patterns on carpets according to their culture and mental creativity. The unique designs and designs of nomadic carpets have given it a worldwide reputation.
Lori Nomadic Carpet Design
Lori carpet designs have a lot of variety that weavers weave them with the help of their creative minds, and with a variety of suitable colors that they choose, a world of beauty is created. The maps of Lori carpets are mainly subjective and based on the specific geography of Lorestan and the characteristics of the life of the people of this land, including animal husbandry, agriculture, pristine nature, and hunting scenes.
About this nomadic Lori carpet
This rug is a handmade Lori nomadic carpet woven more than 40 years ago in Khorramabad, Lorestan. The design of this carpet is called Kheshti, and it shows the wheat clusters that in the culture of Lori nomads cause blessings and abundance of products.
No allergenic
Natural color
Made of best quality natural materials like wool and cotton
Unique design
A 40-years-old Handmade nomadic Lori Carpet for sale is for sale.  Order now this nomadic Persian rug from our online store.
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