Persian Tabriz Rug ~1940, Obligatory Design


Carpet Specifications

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Genuine Persian

Size (cm):

300 x 201

Size (ft):

6 x 9

Rug Type:

Persian rug






Wool, Cotton

Woven on:

~ 1940


DR- 496


One of A Kind


Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
Persian Tabriz Rug ~1940, Obligatory Design
Persian Tabriz Rug ~1940, Obligatory Design


One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

This Antique Tabriz rug/ carpet is a type in the general category of Persian rugs originating from the city of Khoy, Tabriz. This antique Persian Tabriz rug had geometric lines & broken horizontal and vertical lines, it is called layout, a Symbol of the culture & history & Financial that it could be really lovely decorativeness at your home. A Fine Oriental rug , Originated From Tabriz rug with plant dyes, a rare color in the Field & local sheep wool from maku area that is the best kind of the wool in Tabriz area. This vintage Persian Tabriz rug with stable colors & high durability is without any damage that made excellent condition for quality for this carpet from approximately the last 80 years old till now. suggests the investment value of this Hand-Knotted Antique Tabriz rugs.

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