Persian Mashad Rug ~1980, Floral Design


Carpet Specifications

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Genuine Persian

Size (cm):

295 x 199

Size (ft):

6 x 9



Rug Type:

Persian rug


Simple Floor



Woven on:

~ 1980


Good condition


DR_ 153


One of A Kind


Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
Persian Mashad Rug ~1980, Floral Design
Persian Mashad Rug ~1980, Floral Design


One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

This Mashad rug also known as a Meshed rug over 40 years old is a hand-knotted rug with circular medallion & plain floor field. Many people prefer to buy a Mashad rug from Iran/ Persia with a simple design, it can be very stylish and attractive and is a good choice for modern decoration that has a high ability to coordinate and set. The Persian rug originates from Mashhad which is located in Khorasan province north east of Persia. The wool used in the pile is sourced from local sheep & is known for its durability, softness with good condition.MR Hans E. Wolf, author of the book *Historical Handicrafts of IRAN* believes that the quality of wool is different in different parts of Persia, in his book he pointed out that the best type of wool belongs to Khorasan, Kermanshah and Kurdistan.

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