Persian Kashan Rug ~1985, Floral Design


Carpet Specifications

Additional information


Blue (Indigo)


Genuine Persian

Size (cm):

429 x 300

Size (ft):

9 x 14


Wool, Cotton

Rug Type:

Persian rug


Medallion & Floral Design Rug





Woven on:

~ 1985


DR- 427


One of A Kind


Premium Quality Guaranteed ✓
Persian Kashan Rug ~1985, Floral Design
Persian Kashan Rug ~1985, Floral Design


One of A Kind

Details & Story Of This Carpet

Review By: Reza Derakhshesh (Persian Carpet Expert)

This is a luxury handmade carpet with approximately 35 years old. This carpet is a Kashan handmade carpet that is knotted by the professional knitter.  Its pile has made out of natural wool, and its warp has made out of natural cotton. Your home designing along with carpet you choose for your home, show your taste. Carpets are used all over the house. The living room, the dining room, the library, the bedroom, and the kitchen are all areas where the carpet is used. The use of carpets in all parts of the home can bring a special beauty to your home. In order to adhere to the multiplier effect on home decoration, some of the principles of carpeting should be considered.  For example, the type of carpet and how you use the rugs in the bedroom will vary with the type of carpet and how they are used in the living room or dining room. This luxury carpet is an excellent choice for large spaces. Also, this carpet would be an excellent choice for classic style house as it is a typical classic Persian handmade carpet. This carpet would get everyone’s attention and catch everyone’s eyes. So this carpet would be a brilliant choice for rooms like living rooms or conferences room.
No allergenic
Natural color
Made of best soft wool
Heigh density and elegance
Authentic and Original
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