Persian Carpets and Rug Decorating Ideas

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Handmade Persian rugs buying guide

Handmade Persian rugs buying guide Advantages of buying handmade rugs over machine-made rugs How to recognize the quality of handmade Persian rugs If you are planning to buy a handmade Persian rug, you should know the important points in buying a handmade rug. In this post, we provide the main and important points in buying handmade carpets. Continue reading this guide to buying handmade Persian rugs. Why is a handmade rug better than machine-made rug? Original handmade Persian rugs, unlike machine-made rugs,...

Decorating with Persian carpet and rug, is it a good idea?

Decorating with Persian carpet and rug, is it a good idea?Persian carpet in decorating history Persian carpet and Persian rug decoration tips and guide The carpets can completely change the look of a room. In fact, they are very effective decorative elements. The carpets are capable of dressing any space with elegance, conveying a feeling of warmth, thermally insulating and delimiting spaces. You must choose carpets depending on the use you want to give them and the budget you have. Logically,...