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What is a seamless and custom carpet?

There are many environments that can not be carpeted easily. Old dwelling houses, companies, museums, historic sites, mosques, hotels and vast environments, and environments in which the carpet does not fit in the standard sizes. In such cases, several boards of rugs are thrown together.

Sometimes the size of the space for carpet is such that it can not be filled in any way by putting together a few rugs, and this can be due to the shape of the intended environment or its abnormal size, or both Be In addition, sometimes it is preferable to use a single carpet for your desired environment instead of putting together several carpets, because in such cases the use of integrated carpets of any size and shape is Custom can have an impact on the beauty of the environment.

custom Persian carpet

Application of custom carpets

Suppose that space and the desired environment are an octagon, a large circle, or a non-standard rectangle with an extra space or any other state. Obviously, you can not make a six or octagonal environment with a diameter of 30 or 40 yards or … with carpets in the market in a beautiful, single-handed and seamless manner.

It is interesting to know that the design and production of special carpets, large and seamless is possible for use in any architectural, religious, residential, recreational, hotel, halls, and so on. In this regard, special attention to the transfer and adaptation of designs and decorations, the size and shape of the plan area with the design and color of the manufactured carpet, is one of the most important characteristics and capabilities of the manufacturing companies. For example, in the integrated design of a large lobby, house or mosque although there are many columns, angles, and bumps in the area, the sections are beautifully and professionally projected in the original design and after the texture they will be all in place and skillfully connected to each other without causing any damage to the carpet design. Thus, the entire carpet is designed dedicated and integrated into that area.

Custom, uniform and seamless carpets will help you to cover the entire area of ​​your environment with the same pattern. To do this, just call the carpet ship and order the carpet with the desired size after consultation.

Looking for unique design, shape and pattern?

everything is customizable!

Custom Pattern

Persian carpet with custom patterns, adapted to the environment, lightening, decoration and culture

Custom Materials

You can choose the all material that carpet will knot with it, natural Silk, wool, etc. Even you can have a golden carpet!

Custom Shape

No matter what is the shape of your environment, we make a carpet fit to it.

Custom Size

we can make custom designed carpets with any size,  from 1 to 1000 square meters.

Custom Density

The knotes density is one of the most factores of carpet quality. We produce the finest carpets.

Custom Color

You can choose the colors and their origins, fully natural Non-allergenic colors are used in your carpet production.

Process Steps

  • step 1


    First of all. if you have an idea, need or both, you fill the form below and describe what you need, the purpose and any details.

  • step 2


    Our experts review your order details, estimate financial and time costs and call you back with a proposal.

  • step 3


    After the two parties have agreed, the contract for the production of handmade carpet will be signed.

  • Step 4


    At this step, the final design pattern will be designed by carpet designers and experts.

  • Step 5


    At this step, you should check the final design pattern and approve it.

  • step 6


    At this step, best weavers knit the carpet according to order specifications with the best quality.

  • step 7


    Finally, woven carpets will be sent to you. you receive the carpet and enjoy the quality.

What is your Custom Carpet Idea or Need?

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