Natural colors; The vital factor in evaluating antique and semi-antique Ardabil rugs

In Ardabil hand-woven carpets, the yarns are often spun by hand and dyed with natural dyes. Nomadic women and girls usually do this spinning and dyeing of threads.

Of course, the original handmade Ardabil rugs yarns have a much higher value than the fibers spun by machines and dyed with inferior chemical dyes. These types of carpets have durable colors and unique softness.

One fact about the Persian Ardabil carpet’s charms is the use of plants to produce a variety of natural colors. Hereunder are some examples of plants that are used widely to generate unique colors:

  • Chrysanthemum: It is used to make orange color in Ardabil rugs, which is more stable in orange color.
  • Rose madder: (Also known as Rubia tinctorum and dyer’s madder) a natural dye, it makes a range of colors from red to purple.
  • Pomegranate peel: used to produce a yellow dye.
  • The green shell of the walnut: is used to prepare brown color with high stability.

Now you know that an expert Ardabil Persian rug value estimator will first evaluate yarns to ensure an antique or semi-antique Ardabil Persian rug is real and valuable