Tabriz Carpets, Ghoba Design Twin Persian carpets


Tabriz Carpets, Ghoba Design Twin Persian carpets

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These are fine, beautiful Persian carpets to decorate your rooms. These win handmade carpets  with six square meters area, have an ivory background color and patterns of trees and flowers. Also, the red color used in the margins will make your rooms an exciting, warm, and energetic place.


These carpets are twin fantastic Tabriz carpets with short and rough fluff. The pattern of these carpets is called Ghoba and includes a medallion in the middle, which is surrounded by geometric and Islami motifs with sharp edges, and Cedar and Crazy Willow Trees with light shades that create depth in the pattern. Besides, these Tabriz carpets have a great variety of colors from Ivory, bright red, barn red to a peach color.

The wool used in these handmade carpets is one of the best goat wool produced in Mako. The warp and weft of carpets is made of cotton, which makes the handmade carpets strong and long-lasting. The yarns used in both carpets are dyed in the traditional Iranian way and in dyehouses with more than 200 years of age, with the utmost precision and skill, and have a high color fastness and durability. In the design of these Ghoba carpets, some cold and warm colors have been used together, and traditional and modern motifs have made these twin carpets more beautiful and innovative.

In these Tabriz carpets, high quality double-knot weaving method has been used and the knots have been woven in a very regular, delicate and precise way. These handmade Tabriz rugs has been knotted by hand for almost 20 years. These rugs are authentic Persian rugs with 307 cm length and 204 cm wide and 301 cm length x200 cm wide. Besides, they have approximately 160.000 knots in each square meter.

  • No allergenic natural colors
  • Natural color
  • Made of best quality Tabriz wool
  • Heigh density of knots

Two 2×3 meters Tabriz carpets for sale. These 20 years old Persian carpets with Ghoba design are for sale. These are two similar Tabriz carpets with 160.000 knots/sqm density.

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301x200cm, 307x204cm


Handmade (Knotted by hand))


Approx 20 years

Carpet ID

DR-308, DR-492

Knot density

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The super finest textures and most colorful Persian carpets are woven in Tabriz.

Tabriz Persian Carpet | Tabriz rug
Tabriz Persian Carpet | Tabriz rug

Tabriz carpet or Tabriz rug is a type of Persian carpet. Tabriz, a big city in northwestern Iran, was a historic center of carpet production and is a region well known for its carpets. After the mid-nineteenth century, Tabriz relaunched carpet production and has become a production center for export to all over the world.

Tabriz carpet pattern usually is consist of flower decoration, often with a central medallion. The motifs include flowering trees, shrubs, and large leaves. There are also specimens with animals and plant motifs. In Tabriz carpets, generally, there are three bands at the edge, adorned with the motifs of the field.


The city of Tabriz is located 600 km west of Tehran and is one of the largest cities in Iran and the capital of East Azerbaijan Province. The population of this region consists of Azeris who constitute the largest ethnic minority in Iran and speak Turkish. This ancient city has been considered an important trading post and border station for centuries.

Most of the wool used in the Tabriz carpet weaving industry is produced from the Mako region. Mako wool is very high quality but slightly rougher than the wool produced in other parts of Iran. These features have made Tabriz carpets a little rougher.

The finest handmade carpets in the world are woven in Tabriz. In Tabriz, carpets knots are knotted by hook and are of symmetrical (Turkish) type. Moreover. Tabriz rugs are weaving in the form of two wefts that one of them is thick and the other is thin. The first string is in white or gray, which is intended to bulk up the rug and increase its flexibility and passes through the warp yarns that are located on the two surfaces below and above. The second thread, which is often blue or red, passes through the warp threads, with the difference that it tightly connects the warp threads that separated the first weft.

Tabriz carpets' warp is often from cotton so that they are very strong and durable. They also are woven with the woolen weft. The fibers used in this handmade Tabriz carpets are of high-quality wool. The pile is short, and they are knotted carefully by skilled people. Tabriz carpet's pile is usually short and knotted by skilled people.