Soft Kurk beige Kashan Persian Rug for sale 3x4m DR220

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This super soft, authentic and unique 3x4m Kashan hand-knotted rug is best option to carpet your luxury home.  It is woven by the hands of Persian carpet weavers during about a whole year over 50 years ago. This is a brilliant and elegant rug that help you make your rooms look fantastic. All dyes an materials are natural and anti allergy. This beige carpet provides a good balance of neutrality, calm and comfort which is ideal for any home.


This rug is a super elegant Persian carpet which the Kashani women weavers have knotted it over half a century ago in Kashan. The carpet is consist of millions of delicate woolen knots and the weavers have knotted every single of them with their hands during more than a year of work. This is a high-density rug with colorful motifs. They have dyed it with natural and stable dyes. Its main background color is the beige color, which is a bright shade of brown. Often, the beige dye comes from pomegranate skin. This large unique rug has a long and soft woolen pile that makes it very comfortable.

The exact size of this large Persian carpet is 292×410 cm. The pattern is full of beautiful flowers and leaves raveled shoots called Kashan design. The density of this exquisite Persian rug is 350.000 knots/square meters. The warp and woof from cotton, which makes it very durable and strong. Also, the velvet is from goat Kurk. The Kurk is a fine and soft wool that remains in the comb when shepherds comb the wool of baby lambs and goats.

  • No allergenic
  • Natural color
  • Made of best soft wool
  • Heigh density and elegance
  • Authentic and Original

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292×410 cm


Handmade (Knotted by hand))


Approx 50 years

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    Ed pearman

    when i discovered carpetship that i was surprised for great carpets at very reasonable price so much that i am going to order another one Many thanks

  2. 5 out of 5


    although It is a bit expensive, Its very beautiful and according to the materials and density its very valuable actually

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