Rose Red Mashad rug large Persian carpet for sale DR145


It is a fantastic Mashad rug with a lovely rose red color to decorate your romantic home. Besides the color, this 2.5×3.5m Persian hand-knotted carpet has a unique floral design that comprises the flowers and leaves. Its rose red color and motifs in the pattern raises your room’s positive energy level and makes your room romance, love and adoration place. This is a best option to carpet your bedroom and have great romantic moments.


The weavers have knotted this red Mashad design rug about 30 years ago by hand in Mashhad, a city in East northern Iran. The main color of this 2.5×3.5m rug is rose red, which is a beautiful and lovely shade of the red color. The colors in this rug are vivid and happy. Persians extract the dyes used in the carpet from natural elements like plants and flowers. Also, natural dyes used in Persian rugs don’t produce allergic reactions and never change or fade out during years.

The Mashad rug is famous for its softness. Also, we know Mashad hand-knotted rugs for their unique designs with medallion motifs. They make this good Mashad rug with the soft wool of Khorasan. Its warp and woof are from cotton, which makes it a durable and strong carpet.

  • No allergenic
  • Natural color
  • Made of best quality natural materials like wool and cotton
  • Unique design

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248×340 cm


Handmade (Knotted by hand))


Approx 30 years

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