Persian Joschaghan red rug for sale DR363


This carpet is a perfect choice for young people or suitable for rooms that are empty in decoration because it has a busy pattern. The cherry color along with the indigo color used in the carpet make a warm soul so, this rug would be a brilliant choice for either friendly or formal places such as home or office.


This carpet is almost 30 years old. Its knotted by hand with strong texture. The pile in this carpet has been made out of natural wool along with cotton warp and weft that are carefully tangled in each other.
The available size of this rug is 326 cm high and 224 centimeters wide. Also, This carpet has a 160.000 knots per square meter density.

The Shape of this carpet is rectangular with an oriental pattern called Josheghan. Josheghan is one of the oldest centers of Persian carpet weaving in Iran. Also, Josheghan famous for its unique interesting rugs. The pattern of this Josheghan rug is a combination of a garden full of pretty wild flowers popular in Iran inside geometric shapes. Moreover, the colors used in this rug are fully derived from natural elements such as plants and fruits. This rug is suitable to decorate any places such as home or offices actually in nordic or minimal designs.

  • No allergenic
  • Natural color
  • Made of best quality natural materials like wool and cotton
  • Unique design

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224×326 cm


Handmade (Knotted by hand))


Approx 30 years

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