Mai Mai Rug, 50 years old Maymeh Carpet DR-386


Mai Mai Rug, 50 years old Maymeh Carpet DR-386

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50-year-old original and authentic handmade Mai Mai rug with a unique beautiful Josheghan design inspired by Iranian gardens.  This is a rare Mei Mei carpet with 180.000 density and 201-cm by 133-cm dimensions. Order now with the special offer!


Mai Mai Rugs

Mai Mai rug, also known as “Maymeh” And “Mei Mei” and “Mey Meh”, is famous and unique in design in the world. These rugs are similar to Joshagan carpets in terms of design and are composed of a combination of Lachak Toranj and geometric patterns. Handmade Mai Mai carpet is known for its Joshegan forest pattern and has adorned European homes for centuries. Mai Mai carpets are now one of the purest works of art in museums around the world. Mai Mai carpets, despite having many fans, are very rare. Maymeh rugs have cotton warp and weft, and woolen pile and usually Persian knots are used in their texture. Mai Mai rugs also have a great variety of colors, and regularly, 9 to 15 different colors are used in the patterns of this type of Persian carpet. Usually, Mai Mai carpets have a shorter pile than Joshegan carpet and therefore look thinner and lighter. “It is the reddest red color,” said German researcher Eric Schnabner, referring to the red color used in this type of carpet.

About This Mai Mai Rug

This is an improvised and mentally woven rug. It means weavers made it from memorization without the use of any map. In this Mai Mai carpet, completely natural fibers and colors have been used, which has made it nature-friendly and non-allergenic. Also, using natural colors causes the brightness and stability of the motifs in the Persian rugs. After a long time, the clarity of the motifs and the brightness of the colors not only get fade but also become bold. This is a Persian hand-woven carpet made of high-quality hand-spun yarns in Isfahan, which has increased the durability and stability of the carpet structure and its longevity. The softness of the carpet is perfectly proportioned and the body’s contact is pleasant. With proper use and maintenance, the carpet will last more than a century and the colors will never change with washing.

This is a 50 years old red Mai Mai rug with 180.000 knots per square meter density and 201-cm by 133-cm dimensions. In the pattern, traditional and old flower motifs have been used. Each flower motif has a unique name and overall represents a traditional Iranian garden. Mai Mai carpet designs have been used by House of Hackney on furniture, wallpaper, clothing, and even bags and backpacks under the name “Mey Meh” and have been very popular and voguish in the world.


  • No allergenic natural colors
  • Natural color
  • Made of best quality Tabriz wool
  • Heigh density of knots

An authentic and unique design 50 years old Mai Mai Rug. this Metmeh Carpet is for sale in Carpetship online store with the cheapest price.

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Handmade (Knotted by hand))


Approx 50 years

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